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Sunday, 25 September 2022
Hydrostatic measurements of settlement

Purpose: Electronic measuring system based on the principle of traditional improvised (hose) levels is used to long-term monitoring of construction objects. It is mainly used for compensatory grouting and other improvements of subsoil. It has found its purposeful application in tunnels driving in the urbanized environment.

Description of the system: Hydrostatic measurement system of settlement consists of individual pressure sensors, interconnected by hoses. Each sensor registers the gravity of the filling medium, which corresponds to the difference between the observed heights of measurement points to free fluid in the reference bottle. The sensors shall be installed firmly on an object; their spatial arrangement within the range of measurement is optional. The measuring system allows for on-line observation and real-time monitoring of the effectiveness of the measures adopted.

Measurement range:



Temperature range:

Weight of one measuring point:
from 100 to 1000 mm

0,01 mm

0,1 mm

-20 to 80°C

up to 2 kg

Possibility of automatization with signalization in the case of limit values exceedance.

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