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Sunday, 25 September 2022
Measurement of convergences

Purpose: Convergence measuring instrument is accurate measuring equipment to determine the change in the length in the scope of the investigation of deformations of building objects. The most common application is the measurement of convergence of underground excavations. The convergence measuring application is also effective in measuring of deformations of framework of in-lined construction pits, double-sided revetment walls and in cuts and buildings in densely populated locations.

Description of the system: The convergence measuring instrument consists of a measuring device itself and calibration frame. The measuring instrument consists of measuring band, measurement watches (analogue or digital) and tensioning device. The measuring instrument is fixed on special measuring bolts, which are clamped tightly to the surface of the building structure. Using pre-loading device, the band is pre-strained on the defined force. The length value is read roughly on the measuring band, gently on measuring watch. The length change can be calculated by comparison of the results of stage measurements. Measuring instrument has to be calibrated before and after each measuring operation, at the same time it is necessary to record the temperature during the measurement.

Measurement range:



up to 30 m

up to 5m: ± 0,05 mm (over 5 m: ± 0,1 mm)

approx. 2 kg

Measured length is affected by temperature, therefore it is necessary to carry out temperature correction using the thermal coefficient of  tape set out by the manufacturer.

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