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Sunday, 25 September 2022
Measurement by horizontal inclinometer

Purpose: Horizontal inclinometer serves for measuring of sub-surface vertical deformations in for the horizontally built-in measuring tubes in order to detect the settlement of construction objects. The most common applications are the embankments of transportation structures, earth-fill dams, landfills and engineering networks (pipelines).

Description of the system: The inclinometer system for measuring horizontally consists of measuring inclinometer tubes and measuring apparatus, which comprises a probe of the length of 0.5 or 1, 0 m, the drum with the measuring cable, aluminium guiding rod-rig and reading units. The inclinometric PVC casing tubes of 70 mm diameter are fitted with longitudinal grooves in the two perpendicular directions, and they ensure that the orientation of the probe remains in the defined direction. They are emplaced into sand filler and are fixed by the steel plates of the dimensions of 30x30cm to prevent their rotation. The grooves of the guide casing tubes are positioned in the vertical direction. The movable probe is equipped with a tilt sensor, from both sides of the probe there is a connector enabling measurements in two positions in order to exclude the error from the eventual partial rotation of the probe. The measurement is carried out mainly at intervals of 1,0 m, in each of them the tilt is recorded, which is converted to displacement. By comparing the stage measurements with the basic one the course of vertical deformations increments is obtained. The altitude of beginning of the measuring profile has to be defined exactly by geodetical surveying.

Measuring base:

Measurement range:


Temperature range:
500 / 1000 mm


0,02 mm / 500 mm

-5°C to 60°C

hor_inklinometer_sondaHorizontal inclinometer probe - detailhor_inklinometer_profilHorizontal inclinometer casingVedenie sondy v meracom profileProbe conducted by the grooves of casing