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Sunday, 25 September 2022
Measurements of inclinations

Purpose: Measurement of the change in angles is used for monitoring of high-rise civil buildings, industrial buildings, pillars of bridges, framework of the construction pits, waterworks objects (dams) and supports of the tunnelling lining. The advantage of the device is the early detection of the tilt of the object in cases where it is not possible to measure changes by geodetic surveying, either because of the initial phase of construction or limited visibility. The measurement can be evaluated immediately at the site in units of mm/m.

Description of the device: The clinometer ISETH BL 200 is a portable electronic measuring instrument of high precision to measure changes in the angle of a monitored object. The measurement of the angle is carried out using the highly-sensible electronic pendulum. On the monitored objects surface measuring marks are firmly fixed, which serve for attachment of the measuring apparatus during the measurement. The principle of the clinometer fixation in the exact position guarantees the reproducibility of the measurements. The measuring marks are fixed in the concrete, masonry or rocks by cementing; in the steel structure by welding. According to the type of measurement different types of marks and products are used enabling rotation of the measuring base into horizontal or vertical plane: KSB, VB and HB.

Accuracy of device abutment on measuring plate:

Measuring base:

Measurement range:


Accuracy and linearity:

± 0,002 mm /m

   200 mm

± 50 mm/m (+2,86°)

± 0,001 mm/m

< ± 0,2%

 Resolution, linearity, and zero point can be checked anytime using calibration device


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