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Sunday, 25 September 2022
Measurement with vertical inclinometer

Purpose: Digital inclinometer is a highly precise device to measure the sub-surface displacements or distortions via the angles measurement in the guide tube. The vertical inclinometer enables to identify the horizontal displacements and is most commonly applied in the monitoring of the lateral movements in the embankments, the landslide territories, earth dams, retaining walls, pillars, retaining walls of construction pits as well as the deformations as a result of the construction of underground structures. The measuring probe is portable and the measurements are carried out in stages.

Description of the system: The Inclinometer system consists of inclinometer casing tubes, the probe, the control cable and the reading unit. The inclinometer casing tubes of PVC (= 67 mm) are equipped with longitudinal grooves in the two perpendicular directions, which shall ensure that the orientation of the probe is in the defined direction. They are incorporated in the borehole or construction element in the vertical direction (the space between the casing tube and the wall of the borehole in this case filled with BC-filler). Beneficial is to orient the grooves of the guide casing tubes in the direction of anticipated displacements. The movable probe contains two sensitive servo-mechanical acceleration meters, whose axes are rotated by 90° to each other. During the measurements the probe is led by four guiding wheels in the grooves of the casing tube, whereas it is drawn from bottom to top at intervals of 0, 5 m by using the coupling cable. In each of these depth intervals the inclination is recorded, which is subsequently converted to shift. By comparing the stage measurements with a base (initial) measurement, differential and integral progress of horizontal displacement is obtained.

Measuring base:

Measurement range:


Temperature range:
500 mm

±53° from vertical

0,02 mm per 500 mm

-20°C to 50°C

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