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Saturday, 25 May 2019


Geoexperts Ltd. is the first and only Slovak company specializing exclusively in geotechnical monitoring (GTM). In 2014 it celebrated the 20th anniversary of its creation. The engineering company was established in 1994 by four Geoexperts partners (Váhostav, a.s., Solexperts AG, Basler & Hofmann AG and Ing., Vladimir Gróf, PhD.). In the last 15 years the Company is specialized exclusively in the geotechnical monitoring (GTM), which corresponds to the current ownership profile. This ensures competent and independent support to private and public investors to control geotechnical risks (risks of construction of objects built in interaction with the rock massif).

In the geotechnics, each project is unique and unrepeatable, therefore an individual approach to instrumentation is a prerequisite for accurate data acquisition in real time. The Geoexperts Ltd. has carefully chosen suppliers of measuring equipment. The main suppliers are Swiss Solexperts, German Glötzl and American Geokon. The listed firms are world leaders in the development of geotechnical measurement instruments and are able to make innovative measuring technique for statically challenging and operationally complex building projects of the 21st century. The Geoexperts Ltd. has operated on the Slovak, Czech and Polish market. It is also open to other markets.


The Geoexperts Ltd. offers its services throughout the process of construction (prior to construction, during it and in operation). The Company compiles for the customer implementation project of geotechnical monitoring, performs the instrumentation of the construction object (the installation of measuring equipment at selected measuring points), implements and evaluates the control measurements. The goal is the safety and economy of the construction and operation. The types of monitored construction objects and applied measurement methods are presented on our website along with the most important referencesover the past 20 years.

The main assets of Geoexperts:

►services provided on the current level of knowledge and the state-of-the-art measuring techniques in the world (know-how of Swiss company Solexperts),

services provided with high predicative capability of the outputs (graphic presentation of the measured data online on the Internet),


services provided independently of investors, designers, construction contractors and inspection operators, with an individual approach of the erudite workers motivated for private self-fulfilment, willing to solve problems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

services provided on the principles of observational methods of construction and in harmony with nature (respect for nature, observing the patterns).








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